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Empty Homes Wales understands that there are many reasons why a home may become empty.

We work in partnership with homeowners to overcome any barriers they may face in bringing their property back into use, such as financial issues; inexperience of leasing property; or lack of information around refurbishment standards or contractors.

At a time when so many people are still on housing waiting lists, it makes sense for us to work together and make properties thrive again.

There are many benefits of bringing an empty home back into use:

  • Your asset is protected and maintained rather than deteriorating and losing value
  • You gain an income from the rent or sale
  • The risk of vandalism is decreased
  • The property can provide an affordable home for someone in housing need
  • You reduce the risk of the Local Authority taking any enforcement action against you, potentially resulting in you losing your home.

In some cases, empty homes can blight the local community. With the help of the public, we can also trace owners of empty homes to provide our services.

If you are interested in working with Empty Homes Wales or want to discuss the options available to you, please contact us.